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The Light Red Bundle

The Light Red Bundle

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The Light Red Bundle - A collection of our favourite lower tannin, light-body red wines with bright and juicy fruit characters. These are any-season, any-occasion wines that are delicious served both as is, or alternatively chilled during the warmer months.
This bundle includes:
  • 4 Kilos 12 Volts - Made from a blend of the local varieties Callet and Fogoneu, along with Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot sourced from vineyards in the north and south of the island. Intensely drinkable and vibrant black fruit character with bright acidity and low tannin, this is a wine that provides a figurative, as well as literal, jolt of energy. 

  • Parajes Del Valle Monastrell Ecologico - Parajes Del Valle Monastrell Ecologico is an eco-friendly wine produced by a renowned winery of the same name. Crunchy black fruit-led medium-bodied red has a velvety texture and enduring finish.

  • Calco Pinot Noir - Juicy raspberry and red cherry notes on the nose, with a tinge of floral violet character. On the palate, it has crisp acidity, fine chalky tannins and a hint of forest floor. This is a pure coastal Pinot from Chile's Limari Valley, with fresh acidity, juicy red berries and a savoury finish.

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