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Saroto Branco

Saroto Branco

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This blend of Verdelho, Malvasia, Posto Branco, and Bastardo Branco (among others) comes from old vines of Bemposta, in Northern Portugal.  It is fermented in barrels for 7 months with minimal intervention.  There are aromas and flavours of mango, peach, citrus, honey, yeasty bread-like notes and light minerality. A complex and rich wine with a textured mouthfeel, it boasts natural acidity and nuanced flavour. The grapes used to produce Soroto Branca were foot trodden in a traditional lager totalling four days of skin maceration. After this period, the grapes were pressed and the juice was racked into used French oak barrels. After 7 months in barrels, the juice undergoes natural fermentation with native yeast and without temperature control (wild fermentation), completing both alcoholic and malolactic fermentations. This skin contact wine is not filtered or fined and may develop sediment over time.

Arribas Wine Company was established in 2017 in Bemposta, Mogadouro. Their mission is to create authentic wines, using local grape varieties, old vineyards, and traditional methods, while also incorporating innovation.

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