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White Burgundy Bundle

White Burgundy Bundle

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White Burgundy wines are renowned for their elegance, complexity, and ability to age gracefully. Produced in the Burgundy region of France, these wines are made almost always from Chardonnay grapes, showcasing the varietal's versatility and capacity for expressing terroir. The terroir of Burgundy is diverse, with varying soil types, such as limestone, marl, and clay, contributing to the unique character of each vineyard site.

The region's cool climate and distinct mesoclimate further shape the wines, imbuing them with vibrant acidity, delicate aromatics, and a pronounced sense of minerality. White Burgundy wines offer a wide range of styles, from crisp and mineral-driven Chablis to rich and opulent wines from the Côte de Beaune, making them a beloved choice for wine enthusiasts seeking depth and complexity.

This case contains three of our favourite White Burgundy's from our lineup:

  • Mâcon-Vergisson, Les Rochers - From one parcel of vines on top of the spectacular Vergisson escarpment comes this delightfully mineral, 'bready', Chablis-style Mâcon. It's a great fish or shellfish wine which if desired, has the potential to develop for a couple of years in bottle too. Great value for money and a staff favourite here at Ad-Hoc.
  • Chateau De Garnerot Bouzeron - Hailing from the Bouzeron appellation in Burgundy and crafted with care by Chateau De Garnerot, this wine showcases the unique character of the Aligoté grape. With a pale gold colour and refreshing acidity, it offers flavours of citrus, green apple, and a touch of minerality. A delightful expression of the terroir, Chateau De Garnerot Bouzeron is a true gem for lovers of Burgundian white wines.
  • Eric Forest Pouilly-Fuisse L'Ame Forest - A rich, oaked Chardonnay with pleasant toasted almond character - balanced with zesty lime and tropical fruit. Creamy in texture, with hints of vanilla and honey on the finish. The one will linger around and you'll be all the more grateful for it. An excellent white Burgundy for a reasonable price.
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