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Sicilian Bundle

Sicilian Bundle

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Sicilian wines are captivating and reflect the island's rich viticultural heritage. Located off the coast of Italy, Sicily boasts a diverse terroir that contributes to the distinct character of its wines. From the volcanic soils of Mount Etna to the coastal vineyards, Sicilian terroir offers a range of microclimates and soil types.

Indigenous grape varieties like Nero d'Avola, Frappato, and Catarratto thrive here, yielding wines with depth and complexity. Sicilian wines often exhibit vibrant fruit flavours, ample acidity, and a hint of Mediterranean influence. Whether exploring the bold reds or crisp whites, Sicilian wines offer a delightful journey through the island's unique terroir and winemaking traditions.

Here are our three picks to give you a true taste of Sicily and what this fantastic island has to offer:

  • Cantine Amato Vibrazioni Catarratto - Cantine Amato's Vibrazioni Catarratto; a medium-bodied Sicilian white wine with a crisp and refreshing flavour. Ripe and juicy notes of pear, melon and grapefruit with hints of sweet cooking spices and a zesty acid line make this an all rounder, any-occassion wine.
  • Tenuta Ibidini Nero D'Avola - Tenuta Ibidini is the “second label” from Gaetana Jacono’s Valle dell’Acate, one of Sicily’s top estates. Trust us, there’s no quality sacrificed here! We love the silky texture of this wine combined with the hallmark notes of dark fruits and peppery spice. It’s a great introduction to Nero d’Avola, one of Sicily’s most important black grapes.
  • Donnafugata 'Sul Volcano' Etna Bianco Donnafugata's 'Sul Vulcano' Etna Bianco is a modern Sicilian white wine crafted from indigenous Carricante and Catarratto grapes grown on the slopes of the Mount Etna volcano. Its vibrant aromas of citrus and orchard fruit make it an ideal accompaniment to seafood and vegetable dishes.
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